Watercolour Painting Course


Watercolour Art Course for beginners and more experienced amateur artists. 

10-week Face-to-Face course.  Fridays 10am- 1pm. Cost £19 a week.  Total cost £190

Starting Friday 23rd of July. 


Learn how to use the beautiful, transparent medium of watercolour.

You are invited to join a group of enthusiastic like minded people to study Watercolour painting in relaxed and friendly atmosphere of Magic Wool Art and Craft Studio. Guided by a professional Artist Raya Brown you will receive step-by-step instructions and individually tailored tuition, inspired by Raya’s watercolour demonstrations and her own work. If you always wanted to learn watercolour painting but never had a chance or confidence to start or develop your skills further this is the course for you.  Raya’s teaching methods will help you overcome your fears of watercolours and make it fun to learn and help you develop your own personal artistic style. This is the most comprehensive course with well-structured art classes.

What is included:

  • Learning about materials and equipment
  • Studying colour mixing and colour wheel
  • Exploring watercolour techniques, including wet-in-wet, wet on dry and laying various watercolour washes
  • Experimenting with different textures and expressive brush strokes
  • Learning to paint from direct observation as well as pictures and photographs
  • Learning how to portray depth and space
  • Studying old and contemporary masters of watercolour

The subjects covered:

  • Still life painting
  • Floral painting
  • Animal painting
  • Landscape painting