Introduction to Portrait Art course.

art drawing

10-week course. Introduction to Portrait Art course. (Some experience in Art is necessary) Cost £18 a week. (Total cost £180)

Thursdays 6pm-9pm Starting 21st of May.

This is a great course for students who have basic Art knowledge and skills. If you would like to develop your artistic skills further and learn how to draw beautiful portraits, this course is for YOU.

The course will teach you how to capture facial proportions and likeness and show feelings and emotions in your portraits. You will have a chance to explore your creativity using various materials such as pastels, charcoal and graphite as well as different techniques, including collage, pen and ink. Come to a comfortable and friendly Art Studio in Kidderminster to develop your observational skills and study portraits created by famous artists. You will receive plenty of individual help being guided and inspired by a professional Artist and Tutor Raya Brown. Small groups of learners and clear step-by-step instructions are guaranteed.

What you will learn:

  • To understand basic anatomy
  • You will learn about facial proportions
  • You will understand and learn how to draw facial features
  • How to simplify the head into basic forms to help you draw realistic portraits
  • You will learn how to show three-dimensional qualities of a human head using tone
  • You will learn how to capture likeness
  • How to show feelings and emotions in your portraits
  • Learn how to draw a head from different angles
  • Study portraits by famous artists
  • Learn to use chalk pastels, charcoal, fine liners and graphite pencils as well as collage, pen and ink techniques to create some expressive portraits
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