Fundamental Art Skills Course

art drawing

 ‘Fundamental Art Skills Level 3’ course 

10-week Interactive  online  course with live tuition.   

 Previous Art experience is necessary  

  The course  will start on Wednesday  29th of September  and will run on Wednesdays 10am-1pm.   

Due to a high demand Magic Wool Art and Craft Studio in Kidderminster  will be delivering  the Fundamental Art Skills Courses Level 3 .   The course  will be running  once a week,  3 hours a week  for 10 weeks. 

This is a great interactive course for those who are eager to undertake a creative art project, exploring landscape and develop their artistic skills further. The course will be a creative journey with a starting point, exploration and development and an end destination in a form of an amazing and unique final piece.

During the course you will develop your observational drawing skills and continue learning how to use various techniques and materials, such as watercolour, coloured pencils, pastels and fine liners. You will study the work of famous artists and develop your own creative ideas which will culminate in a mixed media final piece.  You will also study composition and pay a particular attention to planning and development of  composition for your personal final piece- The Landscape.  

 You will experience all the important stages of art work that the artists go through to create a meaningful and unique piece of Art which you will be proud of. 

This is a great chance for everyone to observe professional artist’s demonstrations, ask questions and socialise with like-minded people.

You will receive plenty of individual help being guided and inspired by a professional Artist and Tutor Raya Brown.  Small groups of learners and clear step-by-step instructions are guaranteed.  Some visual resources and recordings of online classes will be provided.


Cost £15 a week. Total cost £150